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Tracking Myself

This is where I will be archiving my weekly goals as posted in my sidebar each week. This will be updated with each week’s goal change but not with the progress of each goal as the sidebar shows during the week. Cheer me on as I learn to find ways to follow through!

Previous Weekly Goals:

August 9th – 13th

1. Crafty Plans In Progress
2. Office Declutter In Progress
3. Restore House In Progress

July 24 – August 8th

1. Arizona Goals Done
2. Week After Trip Goals Done

July 19 to July 23

1. Do Small Projects 3.5 of 4 Done
2. Manage Task List More Realistically 2 of 5 Done

July 12 to July 16

1. Declutter Back Bedroom Done
2. Eradicate Housing Merge Mess Half Done
3. Digital To Do’s not done

July 5 to July 9

1. Put up each post the schedule calls for Done
2. Paint the end of the hallway Done
3. Follow through my morning routine three times this week Done


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